Comparison Review: Falke Seidenglatt 40 tights vs. Wolford Neon 40 tights

      One of my readers asked me about the similarities and differences between the two styles.  Since I have happen to have both of them, I decided to put them into comparison…

      Before we start, you can find the high resolution images of respective styles via my Google Photos:


Seidenglatt 40 tightsNeon 40 tights
Denier:40 denier40 denier appearance
Appearance:Semi-opaque, slight sheenSemi-opaque, shiny
Total length:99cmN/A
Waistband:Knitted, 4cm wide, flat seamElastic band, 2.5cm wide, flat seam
Finger band:No7.5cm
Reinforced toe:YesYes
Reinforced heel:NoNo
Composition:90% polyamide and 10% elastane85% nylon and 15% elastane
Price:€20 or £20€29, £27 or USD$49

Similarities and differences

First look & packaging

      The method of packaging is very much the same for both styles.  The dimension provides ample of space for info regarding the style to be shown.  It also makes the style recognisable from a distance, especially when there are numerous styles of the same brand placed together on a shelf.  The transparent plastic sleeve offers very good protection against liquid to its contents, though some may question the sustainability.


      I have been having problems with the sizing on Falke’s new Seidenglatt range.  Their hose is made extra long, longer than that of the previous version, or other Falke styles I have tested.  For the Seidenglatt 40, this means the fit was under par.  The tights would budge down and wrinkles would form around the ankles.  Also, the envelopment was loose on the legs.  The Neon 40 tights on the other hand, fitted very well and was true to the size recommendation.  It also had a very good envelopment on the legs.  

      The panty on both styles fitted nicely and I had no problems with either of them.  Likewise, the waistband on both styles offered pretty good fit.  If I must choose one over the other, I’d favour Seidenglatt 40 slightly more, as its waistband is knitted and wider.


      This is where the two styles look vastly different from each other…

      As opposed to the product description on the back of the packaging, Seidenglatt 40 exhibited a slight shine appearance.  Such is more in line with the description online, than the one on the rear cover.  The shine was like tiny pearls glittering.  It was not even though, as the pair I bought suffers tremendous colour differences on the hose.  This defect also made the appearance less pleasant to the eye.  

      The Neon 40 has a shiny appearance.  It is evidently more shinier than the Seidenglatt 40.  Also, the glittering is more uniform and even.  I have taken a few pictures from different angles, as shown below:


      The Seidenglatt 40 felt quite silky, while the Neon 40 was very soft and smooth to the skin, i.e., both have their strengths.  Also, I felt more or less the same for both styles in terms of the thickness of texture.  The Seidenglatt 40 was slightly heavier than the Neon 40 though, probably as a result of a longer hose.  Is was also this reason that Seidenglatt 40 budged down quite easily.  I could feel the weight of the hose gradually form around the ankles.  Neon 40 was overall more comfortable to wear.

ilovehosiery advice

      Wolford’s Neon 40 tights clearly stood out between the two styles.  It had a uniform, shiny look, and a drastically better fit.  This comes at a price though…  Neon 40 is 35%-45% more expensive than that of the Seidenglatt 40 tights.  Thus, if you happen to have especially long legs, then it is fine to go for either style.  I definitely recommend Neon 40 otherwise.

      You can read my reviews for these two styles from the link below:

5 replies on “Comparison Review: Falke Seidenglatt 40 tights vs. Wolford Neon 40 tights”

Hello, I do agree with your comparison, it would have been even more interesting if both would have been same colour. As a 3rd pair the Kunert Satin 40 could be mentioned.


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