May 2020 Newsletter – Heading towards normal

      My partner and I feasted a fast-food takeaway a couple days ago.  It was our first dine out after the 4.5-week lockdown, and a huge relief for both of us, as we had cooked and ate at home.  My thoughts are with the people in the Europe and U.S., who have endured a lockdown longer than we did.  What you have been doing is remarkable👏🏻👍🏻


      Last month was indeed a productive month!  In addition to the three reviews, I wrote a comparison review, of which sparked some interesting discussions on my Instagram.  If you missed any of the reviews, you can find them in the links below:

Photographs transferring to Google Photos

      This is just a reminder that I am using Google Photos from now on.  The account I have allows me to store images in their original size and resolution, just like the Flickr Pro account, except I got it for free!  I have to say though, that Google Photo’s share feature is not that straightforward.  Hence I always include a link to the album at the beginning of the review.  If you run into problems viewing the images, do let me know.

      Speaking of moving images to Google Photos, I will retake some of the images and update the reviews whenever I feel necessary.  The most recent one being Wolford’s Neon 40 tights, which I have just used for the comparison.

Review: Wolford Neon 40 tights

Heist Studios Spring Promotion

      Today is the last day for the sale.  Feel free to take the advantage of the offer should you need it.  Details of the offer is given in the link below:

Spring promotion at Heist Studios

Wolford Melbourne is closing down

      The partner boutique, which is based in Melbourne, Australia, has been serving Australia and N.Z. customers for over 17 years.  So it is quite sad to hear the news that they will close on the 14th of May.  I wrote to both the partner boutique and Wolford, asking what will happen to the market on this side of the globe.  However, neither of them replied.  I guess we will find out sooner or later.  In the meantime, their entire stock is on sale.  So yes, you maybe able to find some interesting stuff at a very affordable price.


      As usual, I have already been taking photographs of the samples for next month’s reviews.  It is also getting cooler and cooler, as we move towards Winter.  So I can take out those semi-opaque and opaque hosiery, and give them a good test on warmth.  I will update them whenever applicable.  If I do not publish additional posts, I wish you all a lovely Mother’s day~