Review: Pierre Mantoux EFFET 25 tights

      It has been a long while since I tried on a pair of Pierre Mantoux tights.  Their Veloutine range left me with very good impression, but the Rosalind tights, from one of the trend collections was under par.  In this review, I’d like to look into one of their solid colour sheer tights – the EFFET 25.

      For high resolution photos, please visit my Google Photo album here.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊙ Relatively soft and smooth, yet not particularly silky.

⊗ Coarse appearance.
⊗ Loose envelopment despite having 25% elastane.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is exactly the same as the Veloutine range from the same brand.  In brief, the tights wrap around a thin piece of cardboard.  It is then covered using a rectangular piece of cardboard folded on both sides.  The whole contents are then placed in a transparent plastic sleeve.  The product description, size chart, wash labels and composition are printed on the back cover.  On the thin cardboard, you will find a brief description about the Brand.  Instructions on how to put on the tights, as well as the warranty of quality, are on the other side.

      The product feature and description are printed in 4 languages.  I have extracted the English version, which reads:

“25 Deniers 3D microfibre matt tights with reinforced Pierre Mantoux waistband.  PLAT covered yarn for a silky touch on skin.  The special treatment LOW POWER makes it keep its shape even after wearing it for a long time and after washing it repeatedly.  For perfectly made up legs, comfortable and ideal for everyday use.”

  • Sheer to the waist
  • Flat seams
  • Bi-elastic cotton gusset
  • Reinforced toes
  • Back strip tights in size IV

Appearance & texture

      The EFFET 25 is sheer tights (25 denier) in total matt fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The total length of the tights measure 79cm when laid on a flat surface.  The texture is relatively soft and smooth.  The Pierre Mantoux-signature knitted waistband measures 3.5cm wide.  There is also a 2.5cm wide fingerband, which also run along the panty seam, forming a T-shaped appearance.  There is a gusset, and the toe section is reinforced.

      The composition is 75% nylon and 25% elastane.

Pierre Mantoux EFFET 25 tights promotional image (sourced from UK Tights).
The shape of the hip is clearly visible.
The lower leg and the foot is shaped.

Size range

      The size ranges from S to XXL.  I have included the size chart below.  I bought size L for this review.

Pierre Mantoux EFFET 25 tights size chart.


      Pierre Mantoux does not contain any info regarding the style on their website.  To my recollection, UK tights had two colours available: Nude and Black.  I bought Nude for this review.


      There was a scent of plastic (synthetic material) when I unboxing the package.  The scent was almost gone after first wash.


      The fit was relatively fine and true to the size recommendation.  The envelopment was somewhat loose on the legs though.  This was quite surprising given the percentage of the elastane involved.  The tights only gently hug the legs, and would budge down after wearing it for some time.  The panty section had a better envelopment, thanks to its shaped design.  The room for the toes was sufficient, and I had no issues with the waistband.


      The appearance was total matt.  This means they don’t have reflective sheen even under direct lighting.  Strangely, the tights looked a bit rough (despite being smooth to the touch).  I don’t recall total matt, sheer tights exhibit this way.  So I went back and compared the style with Veloutine 15 tights, which is also total matt.  Apparently, for higher denier, Pierre Mantoux used more threads, both vertically and horizontally.  Moreover, vertical threads appear to be more visible than the horizontal ones.  They looked like tiny stripes, thus giving an illusion that the threads are thicker and more coarse.  The tights did exhibit a powdery effect though, like foundation on the legs.  Yet it is thicker (because of higher denier).

      The Nude colour is very light, like Wolford’s Cosmetic or Falke’s Cocoon.  Hence it is more suitable for white skin colour.  Quality wise, the colour was evenly distributed and I didn’t see any snags upon unboxing.


      The tights felt relatively soft and smooth, yet not to the silky sensation, as said in the description.  The toe seam is conventional rather than a flat one.  Therefore it did feel like having a string around the toes.  The legs did feel pretty warm despite being only 25 denier.

Final words

      I have to say, Pierre Mantoux has some great styles and some not so great ones.  I am afraid that EFFET 25 belongs to the latter.  Unless you really need the extra denier, I would go for the Veloutine 15, which is better in every way.

      The price was £19.99 at UK Tights, yet it says the style is discontinued.  If you are still interested, you may have to search other retailers.

      You can find my review on Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 15 tights here.