Swedish Stockings to hold talks on recent cross-industry collaboration

      The Brand will be holding talks from time to time, and their first instalment of #swedishstockingstalks will be a conversation on cross-industry collaboration!

      Swedish Stockings has been recycling old and damaged tights.  Now they have turned them into tables and chairs.  Join three very different Swedish brands across diverse industries – Swedish Stockings, Rscued, and Note Design Studio – and listen how they worked together to make it happen.

Above and Below: Tables and chairs made from recycled tights (sourced from Swedish Stockings).

      The talk is 40 minutes long and will be live-streamed at 4p.m. (CET) on 11th of June.  It will be in English.  You can register your interest from the link below, which they will send you the link of the talk a day before the event.


      You can also learn more about the collaboration from Swedish Stockings’ blog below: