August 2020 Newsletter – We will get through this

      I am now really looking forward to summer, as all my friends in the northern hemisphere are sharing pictures of sunshine, shorts and laughter.  Well… time is on my side, as hours of sunlight is getting longer, and it is not as chilly as couple weeks back.  Hopefully, the situation won’t reverse by the time summer arrives.


      I did two reviews and one comparison review last month.  The Banded Poison Dart Tights from Wolford features fluid-like patterns from toe to knee.  It can appear like wearing a boot or simply patterned hosiery below the calves depending on how one style.  VOODOO is a new addition for ilovehosiery and is available in Australia and New Zealand.  The style I have has superb texture, but the fitting was not quite right.  If you missed any of the reviews, feel free to read them from the links below in your own time:


      Due to the pandemic, I got a chance to explore hosiery that are sold locally.  My stocks are still replenishing at a very slow rate though.  Limited reviews may be the norm for the next couple months.  In addition, I have also been updating images of some styles with high resolution ones.  They are styles that I like in particular and thus made me bought another pair(s).  I will mention them in the newsletters in due course.  For people in the northern hemisphere, and around the equator, do enjoy the sunshine for me, and be safe~

      P.S.  The cover photo was taken at a Kokako shop in Commercial Bay, Auckland.  the baristas there are enthusiastic about making great coffees.  I highly recommend.